Instituto Superior Técnico

Núcleo de Estudos e Projectos

The Studies and Projects Unit (E&P) is part of the Studies, Planning and Quality Office (AEPQ). It generally aims to develop studies and opinions to support Técnico’s decision-making bodies and to collaborate in the development of monitoring systems for the key indicators of Técnico activities, with emphasis on the fields of integration into working life and employability of graduates and research and development. The E&P has two observatories: the Employability Observatory (OEIST) and the University Rankings Observatory.

Fields of work

  • Bibliometric and scientific output
  • Diverse studies and projects within the scope of higher education;
  • Monitoring the professional situation of Técnico graduates;
  • International projects (Erasmus + Programme);
  • University ranking systems.

E&P is available for any type of cooperation in these areas, among other fields of interest, as well as for supplying data and information through the following contacts.