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THE World University Rankings

Citations Industry Income International Outlook Research Teaching
61.5 35.9 49.4 19.6 20.7

The Times Higher Education (THE), is based in the UK and used, until 2014, the Thomson Reuters bibliometric datasets. In 2015,  Elsevier Scopus started to be its main sources and the information was collected directly from HEIs. This ranking is also organized ‘By Subject’, and the results concern Engineering and Technology, which measure the following indicators (relative weight): Citations (27.5%), Industry Income (5%), International Outlook (7.5%), Research (30%) and Teaching (30%).

This subject aggregates the areas of General Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Civil Engineering and Chemical Engineering.

Table 1: Performance of the ULisboa in Engineering and Technology

Region 2020 2019 2018
Portugal 3  1  2
Europe 144 140 119
World 501-600  301-400  301-400

Figure1: Performance of ULisboa in Engineering and Technology per indicator (0 – 100 range)